What is Carrot?

The cost efficient platform that gives you the online tools to implement and manage a relationship program that will ignite participants to act on your corporate objectives and drive sales with excitement and urgency!

212°F, one of Australia's premier incentive reward and loyalty provider has partnered with JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Australia’s leading retailer, to create Carrot’s aspiring rewards catalogue that provides award merchandise at wholesale rates delivered directly to your program participants.


That means more merchandise rewards for your dollar at a higher perceived value – which ultimately means everyone is a winner!

Why introduce Carrot to your business?

We have cut out the middleman to give you more bang for your reward dollar. In collaboration with JB Hi-Fi, we have compiled an aspiring rewards catalogue that provides award merchandise at wholesale rates delivered by JB Hi-Fi directly to your program participants!


It’s all about ROI – a little reward more than pays for itself through a lot of success.


How we achieve great results

Gain Intelligence

Learn more about motivating your team - find out when, where and why they perform the way they do. Provide the right incentives to get them performing at their best, selling more than before.

Offer Rewards

Customise a set of rewards that suits your team, make educated and clever decisions about what carrots to hold out for them. Let them choose from hundreds of merchandise items as they push themselves towards success. Tailor the list to suit your business, budget and objectives.

Hit Targets

Don’t miss your targets, keep growing your sales and profits as your team performs better. Take some of the hard, time consuming work out of motivating sales team members as they are incentivised by the carrots they want most.

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Function and feature comparison

Feature Logo-carrot-juice Logo-carrot-bunch Logo-carrot-patch
Design Layout
Branded template design Icon-carrot-h
Fully branded custom designed website Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Awarding Points
Set achievement targets Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Tracking Tables to target Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Upload pre-calculated points files Icon-carrot-h
Automated data award system Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Data loaded against targets, OR Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Automated sales claim process Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Reward Catalogue
Full Merchandise Reward Catalogue Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Standard Reports Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Intermediate Reports Icon-carrot-h Icon-carrot-h
Custom reports Icon-carrot-h
Promotions – product or event OPTIONAL Icon-carrot-h
Quizzes OPTIONAL Icon-carrot-h
News and updates OPTIONAL Icon-carrot-h
Leaderboards OPTIONAL Icon-carrot-h
Optional Extras
Program Analytics Insights OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Program Statistics OPTIONAL OPTIONAL

The type of software you require depends on the size and style of your Reward, Incentive or Performance Improvement program.

Discuss with Carrot what is the most efficient option for you - call 02 8572 8888 for a Carrot check up!


Pay less with direct access to JB Hi-Fi catalogue

Through a close association with JB Hi-Fi, we provide you direct access to an extensive catalogue of products. This means that you pay less as there is no ‘middleman’, and you only purchase the rewards as they are redeemed. No need to buy goods upfront. The catalogue is constantly updated with the latest offers keeping your team fully motivated with highly desirable product.

Variety, price ranging and category selection.

Select from a wide range of well respected brands, the big names are here, along with some smaller and well loved ones.

Each of your team members may be motivated by a different product, category or brand, make it easy to incentivise them effectively by giving you - and them, the choices that matter most.

Set price limits and customise your list of incentive rewards to align with your ROI specifications.


Reward Categories


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